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Local 660 Budget Request

You Local 660 has sent the 2021 Budget Request to all city council members. The budget process is in full swing and there will be multiple committee meetings coming soon. We will keep everyone updated when the meetings are happening. 

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Battalion Chief Pay Committee

We initially requested that the Local be allowed to place a representative on the newly formed Battalion Chief Pay Committee in October of 2019. This would mirror the Public Safety Pay Plan Committee. In the October 4th meeting, Chief Johnson said he would speak to Chief Winkles  about it since he was not at the meeting.  In our November meeting, this issue was brought up again and there had not been a decision yet. As of January 13 2020, Chief Johnson has not answered out request. 

Transfer Policy

The problems began in January of 2019 and continues today with vague policy and yet"unapproved by HR" (11/14/19) interviews for specialty stations. The Local does not endorse the practice of a "fit test" or "interviews" for specialty stations. You union has, and always will believe that when all basic certifications are met, the sole deciding factor should be seniority. The command staff does not support this position.  

Physical Policy

First brought to command staff in November of 2018- Not resolved

Approved Degrees

First brought to command staff in ----- We were told committee would have answers. Then it was referred to a sub-committee to work on. Then was given to two Battalion Chiefs to work on. Lasted update as of 10/23 is City of Charlotte is working on new policy and hopfully be out soon. 

Your 401k

In June, the city passed the budget which included a provision for 1% to be added in our 401k on January of 2020 and another 1% in January of 2021. In late September, the city staff said that would not happen and it would be a 457 with the money in it and they blamed the State Treasurers office. This is unacceptable as both your Local and the Command staff are working together to offer solutions to assist the city, but staff is not responding. 

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February Business Meeting

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